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National Geographic Readers 23 books
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National Geographic Readers 23 books

A set of books suitable for children before 14 years old! It's worth it!

The books a person read in his youth are enough to change his life.

Because adolescence is the key, what kind of ambition to set in this period, what kind of human example, will often determine the future life achievements of children.

A good and right biography of a celebrity will become the driving force of a child's life, giving him strength when he is lost and modesty when he is proud. Imperceptibly, children will find their own life goals, supervise and motivate themselves.

More importantly, the experiences of people from all over the world and in different fields can give children a grand vision and a better understanding of the historical context.

Therefore, for children, it is very beneficial to read more celebrity biographies.

Parents and teachers should pay more attention to guidance in this aspect.

Why do teenagers read more celebrity biographies?

1、Help children set up correct values
The stories of celebrity biographies are all from reality, which can make children have a correct understanding of the real society and help to cultivate children's correct values.

2、Help children set up lofty aspirations
Whether a person can achieve a great cause requires not only intelligence, but also ambition from childhood.

The reason why these characters are immortal is that they have a great ambition since childhood.

3、The power of example is infinite
When children encounter difficulties, think about how those great people face setbacks, they will face setbacks bravely; When children are confused, they can find inspiration from these great lives, and naturally help them through the difficulties in their growth.

When you read a celebrity biography, you can learn from others' successful experience and failure.

Everyone has a reason for success, and so does failure.

When you read this type of book, you look at this person's entire life as a complete bystander. The so-called bystander clear, you can learn a lot from other people's experience, such as the attitude towards life, such as the method of solving problems and mentality, etc.

I prefer to read biographies of historical figures, because I prefer history. When you are reading this kind of book, you feel that your ability to solve the problems has been improved, and your ability to know people and things has improved

Book Information

Decoration: Paperback
Author: Barbara Kramer
Format: 15.2 x 22.9CM
Number of pages: about 45 pages/book
Language: English
Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books

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